G-student helps accomplishing your study abroad plan much faster!

Unsimilar to the traditional overseas study centers, G-Student is a technological platform where international students can independently explore the majors, as well as enroll into their dream college

Prepare for College

G-student plays the role of a counselor advising scholars the suitable majors for themselves, also guiding the students to determine their pathways in the future. Along with that, we assist students to prepare the needed documents for school application and Visa interview

During College

G-student are here to help scholars overcome all adversity! First, we will support scholars in finding a host and transport them from the airport to their host’s home. Especially, we will help scholars to intern and find jobs, also advising if there are any struggles during their studying

After Graduation

After college, there have been numerous students being pressured when facing the condition of enables to find jobs regarding their majors. Our job is to help students finding a relevant job with them. G-student will accompany with students and help them to intern in various projects

Why choose G-Student?

Our Mission

We help student to find the school and apply to school

The special thing that defines us differently from the traditional study abroad companies is that all of our stages of work will be done online, which is far more convenient for the students.

Get In Touch

If you need our help, please let us know.  After you register, you can get more information that you need. We can recommend  a suitable college for you.


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    Our Vision

    We are a companion to you on the way to study abroad. We will work with you to overcome difficulties right from the first step on the way to study abroad. We will accompany you all the time when you need us.

    Country is home to the largest international student population

    Recent data from the International Institute of Education’s (IIE) Project Atlas suggests there are 16 main host nations: the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, New Zealand, China, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Russia, Finland, and India.


    We accompany your dreams